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About History through Homes

This History through Homes project seeks to survey and compile historic named homes in Middle Tennessee (and soon West & East TN as well as multiple regions of Mississippi)  built from the 1780s until 1939. Many have descriptive names and a lot are just known by the families that owned the property. 

This work is different in several areas:

First, the focus is on home ownership and family stories- not on the architectural style.

Second, I have made as many connections as possible between relatives owning homes and with families owning multiple homes over time. See the separate family lists.

Third, there is a deliberate emphasis to highlight diversity with as many female and African-American stories as possible.

And fourth, I generally include both husband and wife with shared joint ownership of the property.

On main site here, I have list of the historic homes by county and by construction date. Please see Blog for full narrative and any pictures/ images for the homes.

It is my fervent hope to help with the recognition of these existing properties and the possible preservation of them after thoughtful debate. 

I extend my gratitude to these people who have helped me in this project: Ridley Wills II, Dr. Carol Bucy-Davidson County Historian, Rick Warwick-Williamson County Historian, Patrick McIntyre - Tennessee Historic Commission, Kenneth Thomson-Sumner Co. Historian, Yolanda Reid-Robertson Co. Historian, Gregory Tucker-Rutherford Co. Historian, Eleanor Williams-Montgomery Co. Historian, and Jim Hoobler, retired, Tennessee State Museum curator. 

See Homes by County for a listing by build date and see Blogs for the story of the home, its history and owners. 

For sourcing, I have heavily relied on Find-A-Grave,, and Wikipedia for general information and do not include them every time. National Register of Historic Places properties and sourcing are marked with NR near the end of the blog. 

Enjoy your exploration of this material.

Jay Brothers, Researcher, Author, Publisher

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