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Belle Meade: Woodmont/ White Bridge Rd Aerial 1960s

Mae Ambrose kindly alerted me to this Metro Nashville Archive photo from what should be 1963-ish. What do you see/ Not see?

No office park in front of Royal Oaks Apts

Old White Bridge Rd had 2 lanes and the angled connection with Kenner Ave.

Woodmont had a dead-end to Harding Rd.

No One Belle Meade Place til the 1980s

Hill property had front (HG Hills) and rear (Belle Meade Drugs & BM Hardware) commerical areas

I think Jimmy Kelly's steakhouse was still there

Great shot of St. Mary's Orphanage alone in the field

Almost NOTHING developed west of the railroad tracks

The V.A. Hospital and housing dominated the background

Imperial House modern apartment tower had just been built in 1962 - they had tennis courts.

I remember there was a chain link fence in the 1970s which marked the Knights of Columbus pool/ recreation area - which I thought was behind the Imperial House - could be wrong, though.....

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