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Buchanan Log House: Nashville Airport Helps Save Historic Roots

Buchanan Log House was built in 1807 at 2910 Elm Hill Pike by James Buchanan (1767-1841).

James’ parents, Archibald and Agnes Buchanan, had a 640-acre land grant which they named Clover Bottom Farm in 1781. James had resided at the Cumberland settlement since 1780, and in 1797, signed the Cumberland Compact. Twenty-seven years after coming to Middle Tennessee, James inherited 320 from his parents’ estate, purchased 310 more acres from a cousin, and built his log house.

Photo by saxonjf

Three years later, in 1810, he brought his new wife, Lucinda Mary “Lucy” East Buchanan (1790-1865), to their new home. The home is a 2-story log house. The Buchanan’s farm prospered. After James' death, Lucy ran the farm until her death. Major additions to the home were done in 1820 and in 1900.

In 1867, Judge Thomas Neal Frazier (1810-1887) and Margaret M. McReynolds Frazier (1824-1911) bought the property. They wed in 1845. (Frazier’s first wife was Margaret A. Spring Frazier - wed 1839.) Judge Frazier served as Criminal Court Judge for Rutherford and Davidson counties. Because of alleged interference in ratification of the 14th Amendment, he was impeached. In 1870, he was restored to office.

Their son, James Beriah Frazier became one of Tennessee’s governors. Margaret resided at the Buchanan Log House until her death. Family members who had been living with Margaret continued to do so until 1920: daughter, Sarah and her husband John Harris, her brother, Samuel J. Frazier with his wife Frannie, and their son, Neal. Multiple families lived at the property: Buchanans - 60yrs, then Fraziers - 60 yrs.

In 1847, son Addison Buchanan built a log house on his 50 acres of inherited land.

In 1973, Barry and Virginia Greer bought the property. Finally, in 1989, the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA) took ownership. Three years later, in 1992, the MNAA transferred ownership of the home to the Buchanan Log House Chapter of the Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiquities. The group now makes the Buchanan Log complex available for special events. In 1998, the Addison log house was relocated to the Buchanan Log House campus. NRHP 1984


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