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Cedarmont, one of Williamson County’s most beautiful homes, was built about 1816 on Lynch Rd. (now 2030 Cedarmont Rd.) in Franklin.

The original house was built by Littleberry “Berry” Nolen(1777-1850) and Margaret Martin Nolen (1775-1831) between 1816 and 1823 on 185 acres. In 1823, Berry sold 191 acres including Cedarmont to son-in-law, Stephen Nolen. He had married Berry Nolen’s daughter, Michal Nolen (1798-1848), in 1816. Stephen was a son of William Nolen, founder of Nolensville.

It is a 2 story brick home with Greek Revival style. Stephen greatly enlarged his land holding to nearly 600 acres by 1844. When Stephen died, his estate encompassed about 600 acres. His son, William Martin Nolen (?-1897), inherited Cedarmont plantation and remodeled the home by adding a rear addition. William was married three times: Sarah Ann Crump (1823-1853); Miranda Cochrane (1827-1865); and Hardenia Cochrane (1836-1889). After William died, his property was bequeathed to his daughter, Adelaide “Allie” Belle Nolen (1859-1934).

She married Benjamin F. Newell (1858-1929), and their descendants lived at Cedarmont until 1948. Allie’s second husband was John Hamilton Sayers (1852-1938). At some point, Henry Cheairs owned the home and performed some restoration. In 1984, Irwin B. Much and Nancy B. Much owned the property.

In 2022, Colleen Kelly owned the property. She grew up at Cedarmont, and her parents renovated and repaired the place so it has been owned by her family since the 1990s likely. Colleen offers Cedarmont as a special event/ wedding venue.

Berry Nolen called his property Cedarmont for the row of cedar trees lining the driveway to the house. NRHP 1984


National Register Properties, Williamson County, TN, Hillsboro Press, 1995, ed. Pearce, Warwick, Hasselbring, p. 96

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