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Idlewilde (Gallatin): A Guild Home

Idlewilde was built in 1872 by Judge Josephus Conn Guild and Catharine Montgomery Blackmore Guild for their daughter Kittie Guild McKee Young (1851-1927) and her first husband John M. (J.M.) McKee, Jr. (1848-1879). They married in 1872.

After McKee’s death, Kittie married Howard Young. In 1916, Kittie’s widowed daughter, Katherine “Kate” Montgomery McKee Brown (1871-1962) married John Goldthwait Witherspoon (1867-1934) in 1909.

John renovated Kate’s childhood home Idlewilde prior to their marriage. Kate’s first marriage was in 1900 to Thomas B. Brown (1875-1907). Witherspoon’s first marriage in 1907 was to Kiziah “Kizzie” Staples Hairston Witherspoon (1881-1909). See Guildwood, Rose Mont

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