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Ivy Hall/ Dr. Cleo Miller House

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Photo by sandylwilson

Ivy Hall was built in 1936 by Dr. Cleo Miller (1903-1973) and Kathryn Cotten Miller. It was constructed in Tudor Revival style at 1431 Shelton Ave. shortly after the Inglewood area was available for development.

Built originally on 7 acres, the land was previously part of the Inglewood Golf Course and Country Club. Dr. Miller founded Miller Clinic in 1937. In 1968, HCA Healthcare purchased it and named it Edgefield Hospital (later Nashville Rehabilitation Hospital). The Miller family resided there until the early 1940s. After traveling around the country helping the World War II effort, the Millers moved to Belle Meade to be on the west side of town and closer to their sons, Jack and Johnny, who followed their father and uncle as students at Duncan Preparatory School on 25th Ave. So. Vanderbilt's historic Memorial Gym is located on the side today. Dr. Miller continued to work in East Nashville.

In 1977, the clinic became Miller Medical Group with more than 20 doctors and a new building. In 1995, the property was down to 1.9 acres, and Ivy Hall was owned by Cheryl Bretz, a realtor, who has Ivy Hall on the market. In 2013, Rachel McCann and Josh Gray purchased the home. Both musicians, they installed music equipment and used the place for their own projects. Five years later, in 2018, they discovered rezoning was needed to convert to a commercial work area, and they applied. NRHP 1995


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