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James B. Jameson House

Photo by rossograph

The James B. Jameson House (aka Jameson-Harsh House) sits on 2295 Hartsville Pike/ Highway 25 East in Gallatin.

Built about 1844 by local John Fonville in Georgian style for James Berryman Jameson (1795-1862) and Jane Parrish Jameson (1816-1856), the 2 story red brick home housed Jameson and his family when they moved from Glasgow, Kentucky. They married in 1840. By 1860, Jameson was a well-established farmer and landowner.

After the Jamesons passed, Dr. Edward Sewell Carr (1853-1909) married Eliza Jameson (1854-1912), and they lived in the house for many years. Eliza was the Jameson’s granddaughter. Dr. Carr was a respected physician in the Castalian Springs community. Their daughter, Annie Alma Carr (1878-1960), married (Ervin) Frank Langford (1877-1967), a Circuit Court judge in Davidson County, and they owned the house until 1920.

After 1920, the Haile family from Jackson County bought the Jameson House. In 1963, Nathan Harsh (1937-2020) and (Norma) Jean Harsh purchased the property with 6.5 acres. Nathan was a local attorney and antiquarian with Harsh & Harsh. He was a co-author of “The Arts and Mystery of Tennessee Furniture,” a study of Tennessee furniture and its makers before 1850. He and Jean raised awareness of preservation needs for local green spaces and historic area including Cragfont, Wynnewood, Rose Mont, Rock Castle, Bowen-Campbell House, Douglass-Clark House, Hugh Rogan Irish Stone Cottage, and Nathaniel Parker Log Cabin. NRHP 1985 See Greenfield/ David Chenault House, Oakland

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