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John Herbert House/ Breezeway

Updated: Feb 10

This working farm of the Herbert family saw 13 children grow up.

Photo by Skye Marthaler

Breezeway sits at 3201 Herbert Dr. off Clovercroft Rd. near Wilson Pike., and was built in 1830 by John Bonapart Herbert (1809-1848). It was built as a double pen dogtrot, was enclosed, and is listed as the oldest double pen dogtrot home in Williamson County. He was a harness maker and farmer. In 1832, Herbert married Temperance Powell Hunt Herbert (1800-1875). They were successful and grew to have a large farm.

After Herbert’s death, Temperance, their son, John Green (J. G.) Herbert (1845-1934) and his wife Emeline “Emma” McEwen Herbert(1854 -1880) continued living there. Emma’s parents were Dr. Christopher C. and Martha Carr McEwen, and the sister of Christopher E. and Alice L. McEwen of Aspen Grove. They wed in 1872. In 1878, J.G. owned the property with 223 acres. After Emma’s death, in 1881, he married Emma’s sister Lillian Belle “Lily” McEwen (1862-1934).

In 1934, J.G. died, and Dr. Gunter Morgan purchased Breezeway. Dr. Morgan was a Nashville dentist who used property as a summer home. He moved out in 1950. For decades, the home was abandoned, and the Breezeway subdivision was slowly developed around it.

The Heritage Foundation and preservationists worked hard to save the property amid the development. In 2010, Debbie and Skipper Carlisle became owners with about 4 remaining acres. After much effort and work, the home renovations earned Carlisle's the Heritage Foundation’s 2012 Preservation Award. The Heritage Foundation worked diligently to secure and preserve about 30 acres behind the home. The name Breezeway comes because of the dogtrot connecting the 2 story home. The Heritage Foundation cites Breezeway as the oldest double pen dogtrot home in Williamson County. The property and family are remembered through Breezeway subdivision, Breezeway Lane, Herbert Dr and Herbert Creek. The Herbert family Cemetery is located just southwest of the historic family home. NRHP 1988 See Aspen Grove


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