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John Motheral House/ Harpethside

Photo by Skye Marthaler

Built at 1111 Moran Rd., the 2 story John Motheral House. Motheral (1755-1824), a Revolutionary War veteran, and Jane Currie Motheral (1759-1833) came to what became Williamson Co. in 1800 and purchased 500 acres along the Harpeth River. About 5 years later, in 1805, Harpethside was constructed. An existing wagon road followed the river and went past the front of the house. Their son, Joseph Motheral and his wife Anness Lea, built Locust Guard nearby.

After Jane’s death, their daughter, Mary Motheral Walker (1798-1862), and her husband Dr. Joel Walker (1789-1844) inherited the property. The Walker family lived in Hickman County at Dr. Walker’s family property and moved about 1832 to Williamson County to inhabit Harpethside. The Walker family owned Harpethside about 40 years until 1873. At that point, Motheral descendants sold the property to Nathan Greenberry Greer, Sr. (1832-1883) and Margaret Linton Greer (1845-1879). Her family was a long-time resident of the Harpeth River valley area, and the community of Linton was named for them. After Margaret died, Greer married Harriet Elizabeth Henry. Then Greer passed away, and about 1890, Edward Hicks Moran (1858-1939) married Harriet. Moran was a planter and served as a magistrate for nearly 35 years.

Later, their son, Sam Henry Moran (1894-1955), inherited Harpethside and resided with his family. Moran also served as a magistrate for nearly 20 years as well as three terms in the Tennessee legislature. In 1988, it was owned by John L. Lackey, and the home had been vacant and deteriorating for years. In the same year, J. Allen Reynolds III and Carol Reynolds purchased Harpethside with 2 acres and were owners in 2002. Allen is an attorney, and Carol is a decorator. The Allens completed a major renovation of Harpethside in 1999. NRHP 1988 See Locust Guard


National Register Properties, Williamson County, TN, Hillsboro Press, 1995, ed. Pearce, Warwick, Hasselbring, p. 41

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