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Langley Hall

Langley Hall was built in 1903 for Eleanor Katherine “Katie” Trousdale(1866-1952) before she married William “Willie” Young Allen (1863-1941). It was located on Coles Ferry Rd. in Gallatin and at the time was the largest home in Sumner Co. Eleanor was a granddaughter of Gov. William Trousdale, and allegedly when Gov. Trousdale died in 1869 and left her inheritance, Eleanor became the wealthiest woman in Sumner Co.

Her relative John Langley Bugg built the home and named it after his middle name. It was built with Katie’s money and put in B.F. Allen’s name and then sold to Katie for a nominal amount. William was president of the First People’s Bank. By 1903, Benjamin Franklin “Frank” (B.F.) Allen and Louisa Trousdale were owners. They wed in 1850. Maria Louisa Trousdale Allen (1828-1906) was the daughter of William Trousdale and Mary Ann Bugg Trousdale. Frank Allen (1826- 1910) was the son of John and Letitia Saunders Allen. In 1965, it was razed by Allen Trousdale Allen, a first cousin. Local resident and author Judith Morgan wrote about Langley Hall and Katie and William in The Lost Word of Langley Hall: the story of Katherine Trousdale and William Young Allen.

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