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Liberty Hill Farm

Updated: Mar 5

Built about 1810, it was enlarged from a 1.5 story log cabin three times, and the current address is 9571 Liberty Church Rd.

In 1810, John Hamer (1770-1853) and Mary Wall Hamer (1790-1853) migrated from North Carolina and purchased the property. They wed in 1805. Hamer gave a local church an acre of land in 1837, and the church was renamed Liberty Hill United Methodist in his honor, per Brentwood historian Vance Little. His surviving daughter, Jane Hamer (1806-1879), never married and lived at the farm until 1879. Her sister Polly died at 20 yrs. Jane bequeathed an estate of 25 acres to five family servants who remained after the Civil War and Emancipation Proclamation.

The rest of the land passed to the Fly family - William and Cynthia Fly - where there seems to be a family connection. They started a grist mill and later a saw mill. They also deeded land for Liberty School (1900-1941). In the 1940s, Dr. Robert Thurman, a Nashville dentist, bought the property. He renovated and completely changed the outside.

In the early 1950s, he sold the property in 2 tracts: East of Liberty Church Pike which included the home was sold to Stanley F. Horn, Jr. (1915-?) and Frances Horn; west of the pike went to John Wesley Little (1889-1959). Horn was the son of famed businessman and historian Stanley F. Horn.

In 1988, Liberty Hill Farm was owned by Larry and Carol Atema. Larry is a real estate developer and founder (in 1990) of Commonwealth Development Group. In 2008, the house is now in the residential development of Beachgrove subdivision. The location is off Concord Rd. just north of Governors Club. Later, the property was bought by Mark and Leslie Finkelstein.

In 2019, David Patrick Market and Katherine Crink Market purchased Liberty Hill Farm with 15 acres from Finkelsteins. David owns Market Dynamics. LLC. The local community is called Liberty Hill and there are roads named Liberty Church Trail and Liberty Church Rd. NRHP 1988


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