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McGavock-Hayes Place/ Midway/ Brentwood Country Club

This home is connected with the most storied families of Middle Tennessee - McGavocks, Hardings, Crocketts, Hayes!

Image from Brentwood CC site

McGavock-Hayes Place / Midway Plantation was built in 1847 by Lysander McGavock (1800-1855) - it was the second home after the first burned in the 1840s. It is located on Hwy 31 (Franklin Pk) In the 1820s, Lysander married Elizabeth Ann (Emily) Crockett McGavock (1795-1862). Elizabeth inherited from her parents some of the land on which Midway Plantation was built, and some of it was purchased from her brothers. Midway was built in Georgian style Midway and located on Franklin Pike midway between Nashville & Franklin. Lysander’s family included Randal McGavock of Carnton, James Randal of McGavock-Gains/ Midway, and Elizabeth McGavock Harding of Belle Meade. Emily’s family included the Crocketts and James and Sally Crockett of Crockett-Knox House.

By the 1850s, Midway was a prosperous plantation with 1,000 acres and raising cattle, sheep and swine. McGavock had a horse racing course built on the property as well. Lysander McGavock “Sandi” Hayes (1853-1921) married Hortense Augusta Cocke Hayes (1856-1917) and their son was (Lysander) McGavock Hayes. McGavock Hayes (1895-1956) married Ella Blanton Smith (1904-1990) in 1927.

McGavock inherited the property. His grandmother was Emily Crockett McGavock Hayes (1830-1920), daughter of Lysander and Emily McGavock. Emily married Oliver Bliss Hayes II (1825-1868), the son of Oliver B. and Sarah C.H. Hayes of Rokeby Plantation. McGavock and Ella raised two girls, Mary Elizabeth and Margaret, who resided as well at Midway.

Five generations of McGavock resided at Midway, but the last descendant McGavock Hayes became ill and stopped farming. In 1956, he leased the property to the newly formed Brentwood Country Club, and the Hayes family moved to another home in the Brentwood area. In 1984, more property was sold for development which became the subdivisions of Meadowlake and Iroquois. Midway itself became the main building of the Brentwood Country Club when the club was established in the mid-1950s. The name came from the distance it was between Nashville and Franklin. See also Carnton, Fountain Blue, Rokeby


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