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Montrose in 1954. Photo from Tennessee State Library and Archives

Montrose is located at 3605 Woodlawn Dr.

The 2 story brick home sits at the corner of what originally was Woodlawn and Old Golf Club Lane (now Bowling Ave.) In 1899, Dr. Samuel McPheeters Glasgow (1870-1949) and Samuella “Sammie” Keith Glasgow (1877-1964) built Montrose and their land extended along Woodlawn until at least Lynnbrook Rd. They wed in 1909. He was a prominent local doctor who started several free clinics in the area including the North Nashville clinic (now Martha O’Bryan Community House) and the Tennessee Children’s Home. Sammie was the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Keith of Mile End. After Dr. Glasgow’s death, Sammie Keith lived there until her death in 1964.

In 1966, William Francis Fennessey, Jr. (1929-2015) and LaVerne B. Fennessey (?-1990) bought the place. Fennessey was a building contractor. He served as a paratrooper instructor for the U.S. Army after World War II and also during the Korean War. (His second wife was Virginia Hansen.) Over the century, the owners sold land west of their current plot. The neighborhood became known as the Glasgow Home Place. At some point in the mid-1980s, the Fennessey family moved to Williamson County.

In 1986, Montrose was left to their stepson, Clyde Brown. In 2013, Cinthia J. and Edwin B. Peel bought the property and remained non-resident owners. Edwin is a CPA on Music Square. At some point, it was vacated and remains that way in 2019.

Montrose was sold in 2022. See also Mile End.


Nashville Pikes Vol. 3 150 Years Along Harding Pike, p. 123

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