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One Hundred Oaks: From Farm to Restaurant to 2nd Suburban Mall

The oldest son of Col. Henry and Ida Dickinson, Henry Dickinson, Jr. (1908-1951) inherited a portion of the Brightwood estate south of Thompson Lane and built a 2 story log house in the 1930s.

Photo from VUMC Voice

In 1938, Henry wed Melus Rhodes Dickinson (1911-1973). About 1942, they moved to a farm on Pettus Rd. in the Antioch area and leased the home for a restaurant. The new restaurant began to hold wedding receptions as well.

In 1947, Dickinson sold Hundred Oaks to Virginia Hughes Smartt (1914-1991) and Landon Kincannon Smartt (1912-1989). She ran a restaurant and catering business from the place. From 1947 to 1950s, Virginia Smartt owned One Hundred Oaks with her husband who was overseas with the military much of the time. She ran an entertainment and catering business which prospered. When she bought the property, there were 98 oak trees so she planted 2 more and named home One Hundred Oaks. In 1955, Virginia closed business.

By 1965, the area was no longer rural but much more commercial, and the Dickinson family who owned the property of the long-ago Thompson’s Station sold a large tract of their land to Lee Beaman for a new Pepsi bottling plant.

In 1963, the Smartts sold their land to Memphis mall developer Beltz Investment Company. Two years later in 1965, Beltz bought Hundred Oaks home itself, demolished it and began construction of Nashville's second suburban, enclosed shopping mall (Harding Mall at Harding Place and Nolensville Road opened a year earlier). A year later, in 1966, 100 Oaks Mall opened. See also: Brightwood, Glen Leven


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