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Updated: May 16

5925 Ragland Dr. (near Franklin Rd.)

Built about 1892

Ravenscroft was built near Franklin Rd. on part of Judge Overton’s Travellers Rest estate south of Travellers Rest. Since their marriage was in 1892, Robert Edward Lee Overton (1866-1900) and his wife Nancy “Nannie” Baxter Overton (1871-1962) likely wed and lived at Ravenscroft from that date.

Ravenscroft was probably named after Nannie’s grandparents name, Ravenscroft. The couple combined two very well-connected Nashville families. Robert’s parents were John and Mary McConnell Overton of Travelers Rest. Nannie was part of the extensive Baxter clan. Nannie’s parents were Judge Edmund D. and Eliza Tennessee Baxter of Rutledge-Baxter House/ Rose Hill. After the death of Robert from typhoid fever, his sister Elizabeth Lea “Lizzie” Overton Craighead (1860-1931) inherited the property after 1900.

Her first husband was Hugh Lawson White Craighead (1848-1904) and they married in 1878. Craighead was a native of Knoxville and the great-grandson of Judge Hugh Lawson White. He migrated to Nashville early in life and engaged in various business ventures. He served as chief deputy to R.F. Folk, Treasurer of the State. In 1894, Craighead was appointed to the Board of Trustees of the University of Tennessee. After Craighead's death, in 1908, Lizzie married Dr. William G. Ewing (1848-1914) who was dean of the Medical College of the University of Nashville.

Then Mr. and Mrs. Charles Frazer lived there for much of the last half of the twentieth century. In 2016, it was owned by Mr. and Mrs. James C. “Jim” Massey. Massey is a founder (2008) of Fugitive Spirits and involved in real estate. See also Rutledge-Baxter House/ Rose Hill, Travellers Rest


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