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Sneed Acres - Original Sneed Family Home

Built in 1798 by James Sneed (1764-1853) and Bethenia Hardin Perkins Sneed 1770-1812), Sneed Acres is located at 9207 Old Smyrna Rd. in the oldest part of Brentwood. James and Bethania married in Virginia in 1789. Bethania was a member of the Perkins family which was one of the Williamson County founding families and the most wealthy family during the antebellum days. Her uncle was Thomas Harden Perkins; her cousin was Nicholaus Perkins of Montpier, and was even related to Willam Giles Harding of Belle Meade Plantation. After Bethenia died, Sneed married Mary (Polly) Hunt (1788-1851) in 1823.

Photo from Tennessee's Historic Landscapes

By the late 1800s, Mary Moore “Mollie” Sneed (1841-1917) married Littleberry Robertson “Little” Owen (1839-1892) in 1881. They resided at Sneed Acres. Mollie’s first husband was George W. Williams (1837-1870).

Their son, Constant Sneed Owen (1882-1948) inherited the house with his wife Lillie Wilson Owen (1879-1964). They wed in 1904. Because of financial challenges at the onset of the Great Depression, the Owen family moved to Madison north of Nashville in 1927 and Constant Owen managed Spring Hill Cemetery. The farmland was rented to tenant farmers when possible or just remained fallow. In the mid-twentieth century, the two remaining daughters owned the property: Mary Sue Owen (Mrs. George Washington) Reneger (1909-1990) and Ms. Callie Lillie Owen. In 1977, their nephew, Louis, was an architect and designed a larger home around the historic log cabin. When done, the sisters moved back to Sneed Acres.

Current owners and descendents, Louis, Bill, and Robyn Owen own the property. James Sneed was their great-great-great grandfather. Louis Owen is an architect, and he and his wife Robin have lived on Sneed Acres property for 20 years - moving in to reside with his aunt Callie. In 2016, the descendents won approval to begin residential development of about 30 acres of land. In 2018, Sneed Manor Development Co. began offering 3 acre plots on the land. William Sneed is president of Sneed Manor Development. The family is remembered by Sneed Rd. See also Brentvale Farms, Foxview, Meeting of the Waters, Montpier, Poplar Grove, Windy Hill

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