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Springside was built on former Lockeland property in the 1840s by Adrian Van Sinderen Lindsley (1814-1885) and Eliza Trimble Lindsley (1819-1893).

They married in 1838. It was built as a 2 story Italianate style on the current Lindsley Park Dr. Starting his career as a lawyer, Adrian helped found Mt. Olivet Cemetery in 1855 with John Buddeke. The new concept of a gentle resting place with landscaped acres and a park-like atmosphere had been gaining interest since about 1810. Mt. Olivet was modeled on Mt. Auburn in New York. He was a founder and president of the Nashville and Lebanon Turnpike Company which built a toll road to Lebanon. By 1860, he owned several pieces of land around Nashville. Lindsley was pro-Union and served as Postmaster of Nashville in 1862-67. In 1867, he was elected to the state senate.

Photo from Artwork of Nashville

Their son, John Trimble Lindsley (1858-1936), inherited Springside. John was married to Henrietta Ridley Lindsley (1869-1930) and then to her sister Mamie Ridley Lindsley (1871-1947). During the 1880s, the Springside and Lockeland properties were subdivided, and new neighborhoods expanded. In the 1890s, the property was rented and used as a schoolhouse for East Side School.

From 1903-1925, the Lindsley family moved back to the mansion. Development progressed and in 1905, the two neighborhoods were annexed into Nashville and Shelby Park was created.

In 1925, the house was sold to Dr. William Litterer, Jr. (1879-1945) who divided the home into apartments. Dr. Litterer, Jr. was a Vanderbilt Professor of pathology and bacteriology. He was a Vanderbilt professor who oversaw Litterer Laboratory at 631 2nd Ave. South. His uncle William Litterer had purchased the building and donated it to Vanderbilt for use by his nephew. Vanderbilt closed Litterer Lab by 1925. The property fell into disrepair and was razed in 1933. Throughout the late 1880s, the large estate had been slowly sold off in parcels to create the Lockeland Springs and East End neighborhoods. The name came from nearby Lockeland Springs water. See Lockeland Mansion


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