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The Herbert Home

Updated: Feb 9

In 1890, Maj. William G. Bush built this home for his daughter and son-in-law, Sarah “Sallie” E. Bush Herbert (1854-1917) and Thomas Levin (T.L.) Herbert (1852-1913).

They wed in 1875. It was a Dutch Renaissance style home located at 714 Russell St. Bush and Herbert were in the brickmaking business and had a factory in Edgefield. Sallie operated a drapery making shop from the first floor. When Maj. Bush retired in 1900, Herbert succeeded him as president until his death, and the business name changed to T.L. Herbert & Sons. The general contracting business grew. In 1917, their son, T.L., Jr. became president; he lived at 221 S. Tenth St. The Herbert family was involved in multiple businesses: three brick plants in North Nashville, one in West Tennessee, a barge line on the Tennessee River, W.G. Bush & Co., Herbert Sangravl, Foster & Herbert Cut Stone Company, and Bush Brick.

In the 1950s to 70s, the Metro Nashville government was removing older dilapidated homes near Edgefield. In the early 1970s, (Mac) Ray and Sarah Hamilton bought the home and stood in the drive to prevent its destruction. It had been an abandoned nursing home. The Hamiltons remodeled it back to a family home. Ray is involved in the music industry. The carriage house burned in 1967.

In 1987, Mayor Bill Boner purchased the home and resided there until the early 1990s. Next, Soni and Jon Meacham bought it for use as a bed & breakfast. It was again renovated in 2017 and sold in 2018 to unknown owners.


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