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The Maples

At 2404 Golf Club Lane, the Oman family built the second house on the street in 1907.

John Manson Oman, Jr. (1873-1949) and Elizabeth “Bessie” Bond Oman (1878-1975) also owned extensive property behind the house likely extending north and east toward the new Nashville Golf Club. The Omans moved south to Brentwood and purchased and began restoring Isola Bella/ Thurso.

In 1915, Dr. Robert Boyle Bogle, Sr. (1875-1941) and his wife Clara Louise Jungerman Bogle (1879-1972) moved into The Maples from their Fatherland St. home. Dr. Bogle was a well-known dentist, president of the Tennessee Dental Association and a member of the National Dental Association.

The next owners were their son, Dr. Robert B. Bogle, Jr. (1909-1969) and Emma Elizabeth “Emliz” Green Boyle (1909-2002). They married in 1934. Dr. Bogle Jr. was a clinical professor of dental surgery at Vanderbilt Hospital. After Robert Jr.’s death in 1969, Emliz continued residing alone until 1995 when she moved into the Blakeford Senior Living Center.

In 1994, their son (Robert) Boyd Bogle III and his sister Marguerite subdivided the land into 3 lots: 2 on Timber Lane and a larger one with The Maples at the corner of Timber and Golf Club Lane. In 1995, they sold the larger lot to Jeffrey and Lucy Haynes who currently own it on just over one acre. Maple trees in the yard gave the house its name. See Ashlawn, Isola Bella/ Thurso


Nashville Pikes: Vol Two 150 Years along Hillsboro Pike, Ridley Wills II, p. 117

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