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Thomas Shute House/ Creekside

Built on Franklin Rd. (US 31) near the current Mack Hatcher Parkway, Thomas Shute built this 2 story Greek Revival home about 1835.

Photo by Morgansaffell

He sold the property near Spencer Creek Rd. with 166 acres in 1866 to John and Cynthia Graham McEwen (of Everbright and Harris-McEwen House). They purchased it for his daughter Sarah “Sallie” Florence McEwen Rosser (1846-1867) and Rev. William L. Rosser (?-1899). Sallie was also the granddaughter of Sam Graham of Everbright and Pinewood. Important for history’s sake, Sallie’s diary has survived and provided a great narrative of how Franklin residents reacted to news during the Civil War - especially the fall of Fort Donelson.

Sallie and William wed in 1866, and tragically Sallie died the next year during childbirth. Their daughter, Florence Rosser Adkerson (1867-1951) resided at Creekside her whole life. She wed George Marion Adkerson (1863-1935).

In 1988, the owner was J. M. Adkerson, McEwen/ Rosser descendant, with 5 acres. The name derives from the vicinity of the home to Spencer Creek. In 2021, the developers Capital Investment Group desire to build a new neighborhood on the property. NRHP 1988 See Everbright, Harris-McEwen House


National Register Properties, Williamson County, TN, Hillsboro Press, 1995, ed. Pearce, Warwick, Hasselbring, p. 134

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