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Beaumont House

College St. Clarksville, TN

Circa 1860. 2-story brick home.

Henry Francisco Beaumont (1800-1864) married Sarah Gibson Anderson Beaumont (1802-1876). Beaumont emigrated from Halifax, Yorkshire, England and initiallly lived in Lynchburg, VA. He and Sarah wed in 1819. In 1829, they moved to Clarksville and the old Franklin house. Shortly after, the couple built a home near the present 1887 water pump factory and opened a stemmery to ship tobacco.

Beaumont was a founding member of the Methodist congregation in Clarksville, an agent for Nashville Insurance Trust and was president of Planter's Bank-Clarksville branch. He also operated a wholesale grocery store, Beaumont & Browder. He also served on the Board of Trustees for the Clarksville Female and Male Academies. The couple purchased the lot of the Wilson House (Munford Ave. & Second St.)

Their son Sterling Francisco Beaumont (1825-1888) inherited the property with his wife Martha P. Conrad Beaumont (1833-1889). They wed in 1853. He continued in the tobacco trade and was president of teh Tobacco Board of Trade, a trustee of the Female Academy, and president of the First National Bank. Then Dr. Charles William Beaumont (1828-1902) amd Sarah C. West Beaumont (1833-1906). Their son Sterlig F. Beaumont, Jr. (1871-1899) and Mattie Bell Beach (1872-1944)(m. 1893).


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