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Dr. John Owen Campbell House/ Campbell-Ruck House

Photo by Brian Stansberry

Located at 2344 Lebanon Rd. (Highway 70), the Dr. John Owen Campbell/ Campbell-Ruck House, is a 2 story clapboard Greek Revival home built 7 miles west of Lebanon.

It was completed in 1843 by Benjamin Washington Grenade (B.W. G.) Winford (1814-1879) and Harriet Henry Harris Winford (1820-1900) on over 200 acres. They married in 1841. His family resided at the property until 1906.

Dr. John Owen Campbell (1856-1941) who was the son of Governor William Bowen and Fannie Campbell, was the next owner. Campbell married Susie Towson (1860-1929).

In 1975, Campbell’s daughters, Martha Campbell and Margaret Campbell, sold the Campbell House and its 200 acres to developers who turned most of the property into residential lots.

Herbert “Herb” C. and Elmie Ruck bought the home with 5 remaining acres about 1975. The Rucks made substantial renovations to the J.O. Campbell House.

In the early 1990s, Sandra McFarland bought the property and turned it into a bed and breakfast named the Campbell Country Inn. In 1994-95, the property was auctioned off and purchased with the intent to reopen the business but that did not happen. The home remained vacant three years until 1998 when Tommy and Teresa Halbert bought the J.O. Campbell House. They own and operate Minchey’s Landscaping and Design Center. NRHP 1980 See Camp Bell



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