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Herman O. Blackwood Home: Top of Green Hills

Updated: Apr 18

In 1920, Herman Oscar Blackwood (1883-1931) and Josephine Mae “Josie” Bellamy Blackwood (1885-1961) built their home on four acres on the rise above the village of Green Hills.

About five years prior, the Concrete Boulevard (Woodmont BL) had been cut through farmland including the Puryear and Hampton farms ending at the hill at Hillsboro Rd. (for awhile). Soon, Woodmont BL continued across the northern Green Hills area across to the southern end of the Melrose area at Franklin Rd. As the road continued across to Murfreesboro Rd., it was renamed Thompson Lane. [Over time, a mishmash-named southerly east/ west route opened Nashville for development and commuting and now completes a full loop around Nashville: Briley Parkway, White Bridge Rd., Woodmont BL, Thompson Lane.]

The 2 story brick home was constructed at 3510 Hillsboro Rd. and near the end of the streetcar line at Woodmont and Graybar. At the time, Hillsboro Rd. was simply a gravel road winding south out of Nashville. About 20 years later, commercial growth really commenced down Hillsboro Rd.: In 1939, the Green Hills Market opened as well as Hillsboro High School. Subsequently in 1943, the Green Hills Pharmacy opened. Per local historians, the Green Hills neighborhood first started around David Lipscomb’s Bible College and grew west toward Hillsboro Rd.

After a start servicing fleet vehicles, by 1916, Herman opened a 1 stall service station on Broadway naming it Blackwood Tire and Vulcanizing Co. By 1928, the company had grown large enough to be bought by Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Herman died three years later in 1931.

Josie remained at the home for 21 years until selling in 1951 to Joseph L. Lackey, Sr (1903-1986) and Elizabeth Enoch Lackey. Joe was an attorney (later with Lackey & Lackey PLLC) and predicted - correctly - that the Green Hills area would grow. In 1955, one of the first of Nashville’s suburban malls opened in Green Hills - joining Green Hills Market and Pharmacy to serve the growing area.

By 1983, Joe partnered with George John Gianikas (1923-2018) and his sons to tear down the home and build the Blythewood Apartments. Gianikas was married to Mary Ellen Captain Gianikas (1928-1998). The Lackey family continued to live at the apartments. Joe died three years later; afterward, Elizabeth moved to Wessex Condominiums and died in 2002.


Nashville Pikes: Vol Two 150 Years along Hillsboro Pike, Ridley Wills II, p. 128

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