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Hightower Place/ Buck Davis Place

Old Wilson PK south of Old Smyrna Rd. in the current Corondele subdivision.

Circa 1800

Richard R. Hightower (1764-1820) and Nancy L. Smith Hightower (1770-1849( were early settlers in the Brentwood area. He was a physican and large landowner. Their daughter Sarah Clements "Sally" Hightower married Oliver Bliss Hayes and became a member of the Hayes clan of Nashville - see Rokeby, etc. The land sat to the west of Windy Hill Farm in the original Brentwood settlement.

Hightower sold the property to William Aurelius"Buck" Davis (1824-1875) and Judith Robertson Owen Davis (1830-1895) in 1865 after the Davis family sold Mountview. In 1872, Buck Davis sold the place to his brother Thomas Walker Davis, Sr. (1839-1918) and Anne "Annie" Aldrich Davis (1842-1923). His son T. W. Davis, Jr. (1876-1953) and Margaret Brown Carpenter Davis (1883-1959). They wed in 1909. They lived there as well. After T. W. Davis, Jr. died, Margaret continued there until her death. In the next five years, various owners and tenant resided there. Hightower Place/ Buck Davis Place burned 1964.

In 1971, the property was made into a subdivision. The family is remembered with Davis Dr.


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