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Ingleside: The Stone House at the Northern Edge of Green Hills

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Sharing land with Trinity Presbyterian Church since 1944, Ingleside sits at 3201 Hillsboro Rd. This 2 story stone house was originally constructed in 1923 by unknown owners. At that time, it was built at the bottom of the long sloping hill on which Sharon Hill/ Bonnie Brae homes stood. Twenty-first Avenue had just changed its name to Hillsboro Rd. at the top of the hill before snaking down past the estate and heading back up a hill toward the growing Green Hills area.The Concrete Boulevard (later known as Woodmont Blvd.) had been cut through the farmlands and fields from Harding to Hillsboro Rds. about a decade earlier (1914).

From 1929-1940, William Vance Davidson (1852-1938) and Berta Zuccarello Davidson (1867-1943) resided there. William was in the stone business, Davidson-Benedict Comp. The Davidsons likely owned the land between Hillsboro Rd. to 22nd Ave. So. Ridley Wills reports that a son, Norman, built a home in 1929 but left soon after. That would account for another Davidson home on 22nd Ave. South where Berta moved after selling Ingleside. The Carr Payne family purchased land behind the Davidson family in 1933 on Golf Club Lane. That Payne land was sold at some point to become Gloucester Square townhouses. The Davidsons and their neighbors the Paynes built a shared paved road where the entrance to Gloucester Square is today giving Ingleside a couple driveways.

Berta seems to have sold the property by 1940 because her residence at her death was just west of Ingleside on 22nd Ave. South. From 1941-1944, Maurice Weinberger (1882-1964) and Jennie G. Weinberger (1882-1955) lived at Ingleside on 12.5 acres. They owned Weinberger’s, an upscale women’s clothing store. It was located downtown in the lobby of the Tulane Hotel.

In 1944, the Weinbergers sold 12.5 acres on the northern part of their 28 acres of land with Ingleside and a garage to Trinity Presbyterian Church for its new suburban campus. Trinity had formed two years earlier and met at Wrightman Chapel on Vanderbilt/ Peabody campus. The Trinity land has extensive frontage on both Hillsboro Rd. and on Sharondale Rd. The iron entrance gates with stone pillars remain on Sharondale.

For many decades, the church was nestled in the valley of the rolling hills before the 1980s construction of I-440 Parkway began. In 2019, Ingleside is used for administration offices and as classrooms by Linden Waldorf School.


Nashville Pikes: Vol Two 150 Years along Hillsboro Pike, Ridley Wills II, p. 100

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