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Joseph Scales Home

Located on Cox Rd. about a mile west of U.S. Alt. 41, Joseph Griffith Scales (1798-1870) and Francis "Fannie" Young Webb (1804-1875) built this 2 story frame Greek Revival home in 1845.

They wed in 1819 and settled down in the Kirkland (now Triune) community on the eastern edge of what became Williamson County. The area is just north of College Grove. Joseph came from North Carolina with his parents, Absalom and Nancy Scales.

The elder Scales had migrated from Virginia to Tennessee and settled in what became the Eagleville area near Murfreesboro. Absalom was a pioneer in Tennessee and a peer of Willam Lytle and Hardee Murfree.

Joseph and Fannie farmed their land and had about 16 kids. Their son, Noah, went to the Nashville area, married Laura Lee Phillips, and became a salesman for Scales-Stockell Co. and Montgomery-Moore Manufacturing. Family members remained on the property. In 1908, it sat on 92 acres. In 1988, W. Criswell Freeman owned the property. NRHP 1988/ delist 2022


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