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Mayes Place

306 West Sixth St. Columbia, TN

Circa 1858. Large 2-story brick Greek Revival and Mediterrean style

Mayes Place aka Mayes Manor/ Mayes-Hutton House/ Mayes-Hatcher-Hill House

Samuel Fulton Mayes (1822-1870) and Mary Maguire Porter Mayes (1825-1896) built the manor on 5 acres they purchased in Columbia on the fashionable Sixth St. behind the estate of Mary's parents. Mary's parents were Patrick and Martha K. Maguire of Patrick Maguire House. Mary was the sister of Liz Porter nearby on Sixth and High St. The other Maguire daughter Ellen Maguire Mayes married Roger Bradley Mayes and lived at the Mayes-Frierson House. The Mayes had a gorgeous expansive rectangular garden that was ruined when the land was subdivided. The Mayes were a prominent Columbia family. Mayes helped organize the Colombia Gas Co. in 1860.

In 1900, (Robert) Wilson Dobbins (1876-1943) owned the property. The Dobbins family were long-time members of the Mt. Zion community in Maury Co.

The next owner was Josiah Lawson Hutton (1860-?) whose family resided there for years. His wife was Pierre Coleman Hutton (1900). Hutton was a banker. Hutton was involved with several banks in the Southeast: Organzied Bank of Bell Bucke (1887) and cashier from 1887-1894; organized Phoenix Bank of Columbia (1894) and was president; in 1914, he was appointed the first superindentent of banks of Tennessee; organized The Mercantile National Bank in Memphis (1914) and was president; organized Middle Tennessee Bank, City National Bank in Decature, AL and Jefferson County Bank in Birmingham, AL about 1930.

In 1969, Rev. Thomas Lee Wilson, Jr.(1928-2007) purchased the home at auction and used it for storage of his massive library and other collections.

In 1970, Tommy Lee Wilson owned the home but did not reside there - lived nearby on Trotwood Ave. He renovated the home.

In 2007, David and Debra Hill purchased the home and began renovations. The Hill family won the Maury County Historical Preservation Award in 2009 as well as Columbia's Mayor Beautification Award and Columbia's House of the Year Award in 2011. NR 1970 See Liz Porter House, Mayes-Frierson House, P. Maguire House


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