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Halcyon Hall

212 West 6th St. Columbia, TN

Circa 1845.

Built in 1845, Joseph Alfred Walker (1810-1882) and Adaline Ann Elizabeth Nelson Walker (1818-1868) lived in Halcyon Hall. They wed in 1832. The property stood on Free St. hill with about 10 acres. Her parents lived at 207 West 6th St. nearby in the Looney-Jackson Home. Supposedly, the couple only spent 6 weeks in the home, but because of Adaline's homesickness, they moved into her parent's home.

Halcyon was used as a girl's school in 1861. In 1843, Rev. Jared Q. Church succeeded another pastor and took charge of the Tennessee Conference Female College - housed in Halcyon Hall. The school was famous throughout the old southwest. Earlier, it had been in a building on Woodland St. The home was likely destroyed by Federal troops.


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