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McCrory-Mayfield House - on the southern order with Williamson Co.

Updated: May 23

1280 Old Hickory Blvd near the Davidson-Williamson County line

Built about 1798

The McCrory-Mayfield house was built by Thomas McCrory III (1771-1818) and his wife Rachel right before the 19th century. It is a 2-story log home that was originally built on 640 acres and is one of only 4 remaining original log cabin structures dating from the 1790s era. McCrory married Rachel Shelby Leggett (1772-1830) in 1795. McCrory was an important early settler in the Nashville area and a fierce defender of the settlement. He accumulated many tracts of land in the areas of Stones River, Little Harpeth and Big Harpeth Rivers amounting to 3,700 acres. He was part of the group that built Granny White Pike.

After Thomas’ death, his son, William McCrory (1803-1872), and wife Thirza Caroline Neal got the property and then sold 135 acres and “premises” in 1827.

In 1837, William Brewer Carpenter (1792-1865) and Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" Nicholson Carpenter (1792-1865) purchased the property. Their daughter, Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” Carpenter Mayfield (1842-1908), married George W. Mayfield, Sr. (1837-1911). In 1865, the home passed to Lizzie, and in 1869, the McCrory-Mayfield House became part of the Mayfield family. George was the son of Dr. Shannon Mayfield of Harmon House/ 24 Trees.

Lizzie and George’s son, Joel Shannon Mayfield, (1870-1937) and his wife, Irene “Rennie” Bradford Mayfield (1875-1937) inherited the house. They wed in 1897. Joel was a farmer. Sadly, he was gored by a cow and died that day in the same year as Rennie died. The family sold the home two years later in 1939.

It had several owners until Raymond D. White bought it in 1980. He was married to Lorene Sharp and then to Linda Tysseling Van Doorninck. White servd in the Navy and Navy Reserve, and owned the consulting engineering firm White, Taylor Walker, Consulting Engineers. After White died, Joe and Claudette Smith bought the oldest residence in Forest Hills. Joe owned The Tulip Tree floral shop, and Claudette is a residential realtor.

In 2015, Nancy Mannon bought the property. NRHP 1982 The McCrory family is remembered with McCrory Creek, McCrory Creek Rd, McCrory Creek Park in the Donelson area and McCrary Lane in the Bellevue area. See also Harmon House/ 24 Trees


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