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T. D. Luckett Home - Home of a Tobacco Leader

Located at 750 Franklin St., the Luckett Home was built in 1895 as ultra Victorian Queen Anne style. Thomas Dade (T.D.) Luckett (1843-1913) and Maria Tilford Gracey Luckett (1843-1910) had it built. They wed in 1869. They came to Clarksville in 1875, and T.D. became a partner with M.H Clark and L. R. Clark in the tobacco business which was located at 14 Franklin St.. They eventually had branches in Russellville, Lewisburg, Adairsville and in Hanson, KY.

Luckett built the largest tobacco stemmery. His father-in-law, Matthew Gracey, along with Gracey’s brother, Frank P. Gracey of Gracey-Tarpley House, were titans in the tobacco business as well. They owned and operated the “Elephant Warehouse” as called the Grange Warehouse which was the largest tobacco warehouse in the world.

In 1912, Joseph Amedee Boillin (1860-1941) and Ann Marie Ready Boillin (1862-1916) purchased the Luckett Home. Joe owned Boillen-Harrison Co., a wholesale grocery, for 60 years. Sadly, four years later, Ann Marie died. In 1920, Boillin married Katherine Hoey from New York. When Joseph died in Clarksville, Katherine did not remain and went back to New York. Joseph Boillen, Jr. moved to Franklin, TN.

In the early 1990s, the city of Clarksville demolished many older homes and properties to create a revitalized riverfront area. See Gracey-Tarpley House

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