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Allen House/ Allendale: A Century of same family ownership

The Allen House/ Allendale was built in 1848 on Allen-Griffey Rd. in Tennessee Federal style.

Capt. Abraham Allen (1750-1825), Sr. and Elizabeth Kendrick Allen (1750-1820) bought the property of 1,275 acres from Philemon Hodges in 1796. The property was then in Tennessee County, NC4. Capt. Allen raised corn, cotton, wheat, sheep, and garden produce among other items. Seven generations of the Allen family resided on the farm.

Next, their son George Blackwood (1774-1847) and Elizabeth Blackwood (1777-1838) owned and worked the family farm. They had married in 1794 and had 14 children. During the Reconstruction era, the farm acreage decreased from 1,275 to 300 because of the combination of federal seizure and debt payments.

By 1922, operations were refocused on tobacco, sheep, wheat and cattle, and the farm was making a profit. In 1932, the Allen family began raising Hereford cattle and later changed the breed to Angus. In 1978, William Bailey Allen (1922-?), the great-great-grandson of Capt. Allen, and his daughter, Amelia Allen Hartz with her husband Dr. Thomas K. Hartz, a dentist, owned one of the homes.

Allen’s son, Dr. W. Bailey Allen II, DDS, a local dentist, lives with his family in the other home. The two families live on the remaining 300 acres. They raise tobacco, cattle and pleasure Tennessee Walking Horses. The book, Montgomery County, Tennessee Family History Book 2000, notes that Allendale is one of the oldest continuously inhabited properties by one family in Tennessee. In 2015, Dr. Allen requested a zoning change for Allen Farms East L.P. for 200 acres acres for residential zoning. NRHP 1978


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