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Beechlawn (Advance and Retreat)

Beechlawn is a Greek Revival house built in 1853 for Major Amos Wiley Warfield (1829-1866) and Cornelia Francis Warfield (1834-1912).

It sits at 2799 Pulaski Pike (U.S. 31) south of Columbia. Cornelia was the daughter of John M Francis and Sabra Boddie L. Francis of Antrim Farm. Cornelia laid out the gorgeous gardens, and the Warfield brought the boxwoods from Virginia. The home remained in the family until 1957.

In 1957, Beechlawn was purchased by Dr. William G. Fuqua (1925-2015) and Mary Lucy Wilson Fuqua. Dr. Fuqua followed his parent’s footsteps into healthcare and medicine. He graduated from the Medical School at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Fuqua started the first Coronary Care Unit at Maury Regional Hospital about 1953. The Fuqua family owned Beechlawn with just over 10 acres through 1971. He retired in 1990. In 2022, Beechlawn was offered for sales. The name comes from the huge beech trees on the grounds. In 2017, it was sold with 10.5 acres. NRHP 1971 See Antrim Farm.

The property is also called Beechlawn Advance and Retreat because the property was one the points at which the Union forces retreated and Confederate forces advanced.


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