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Booker Place: Ties with Ingram and Smiser families

Photo by rossograph

Booker Place (aka: Merritt H. Booker House, Booker-Ingram Place) stands at 4504 Scott Hollow Rd. near Culleoka. Built in Federal style in 1828 by Merritt Hobson Booker (1787-1839) and Martha Finney Mosby Booker (1802-1860) who moved from Virginia, they and their family lived in the house for nearly 50 years. Merritt and Martha were early Maury County settlers and amassed a substantial amount of land holdings.

His brother, Peter Booker, also settled nearby in a large home south of Columbia; however, it was burned by Federal troops in the war. Later in life, Merritt was considered one of the richest men in Maury Co. The subsequent families continued farming their lands fruitfully. Merritt's nephew James Booker owned Fairmont off Mooresville Pike. After Martha died, the home passed to their daughters Charlotte and Sally. Charlotte Booker (1828-1902) married James Smiser (1820-1900) in 1847 and they lived at Booker Place until 1865.

His family owned Fairmont. In the 1870s, the Ingram family began ownership of Booker Place. John Ingram (1803-1877) and Louisiana Jane Whittaker Ingram (1808-1899) became owners. Louisiana was a Culleoka native. In 1880, Jonas Ingram (1837-1923) inherited the house from his father. The house stood unoccupied for most of the twentieth century after the death of Mary Ingram, Jonas’ aunt.

In 1966, Daniel “Dan” Ingram, Jr. and Ann Worth Butler Ingram bought the ancestral home and worked five years to restore it with its current 15 acres. They wed in 1937. Dan was the grandson of Jonas Ingram. The couple helped to restore the Columbia Athenaeum and Vine Hill historic home. Dan passed away in 1987, and Ann died in 2009. NRHP 1985 See Fairmont


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