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Cherry Glen... revitalized as Cherry Glen Industrial Area

Lucius J. Polk built the original portion of this home as a simple dogtrot structure sometime after arriving in Maury Co. in 1823.

Polk then commenced to build his mansion Hamilton Place about 1832 and sold the dogtrot home to Col. Daniel Fountain “Fount” Wade (1830-1890) and Margaret Anne “Annie” Pillow Wade (1845-1924) twenty-six years later in 1858. Col. Wade was the son-in-law of Gen. Gideon and Mary E. Pillow of Clifton Place. Wade massively remodeled the structure into what became known as Cherry Glen by the Wade family. Fount and Annie left Cherry Glen before 1890, and they both died in Nashville at 1079 S. Market St.

Emma Florida Lipscomb McFall (1841-1914) and William Hamlett McFall (1835-1902) purchased Cherry Glen next. Their son, William Spence McFall inherited property. McFall (1879-1971) married Mary Huston McFall (1878-1958). Their daughter, Annie Barton McFall Armstrong (1906-1977), was the last descendant to reside at the home in 1973. She was married to Willis Frierson Armstrong (1891-1965). He was the uncle of Alyne Queener Massey of Brook House and of Lucille Frierson Queener Courtney of Shadowlawn.

After Annie’s death in 1977, Cherry Glen was evidently vacant. Cherry Glen was removed from the National Register of Historic Places in 1985 after a fire destroyed it. In 2019, Maury Co. purchased the property comprising 550 acres and with partners, has repurposed it as the Cherry Glen Business and Industrial Park. NRHP 1973, removal 1985 See Brook House, Clifton Place, Hamilton Place, Shadowlawn

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