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Dement House/ Colonial Acres

Photo by rossograph

The Dement House/ Colonial Acres sits at 7421 Cainsvile Pike in Lascassas northeast of Murfreesboro.

Abner Dement (1773-1825) and Mary Polly Douglass Dement (1785-1817) built the original portion as a log cabin on 640 acres in 1817. After Mary Polly died, Dement remarried to Elizabeth Dement. In 1825, while serving as Sheriff of Rutherford County, Abner was shot and killed. Their son, Dr. John Luster Dement (1824-1906), and his wife Christina ”Tinnie” Elizabeth Lemenita Jordan Overall Dement (1842-1896) inherited the house and transformed it into a vernacular Greek Revival style house starting in 1833. They wed in 1871.

John and his brother David purchased several large farms totalling 816 acres in the Lascassas area. They were horse traders, and John was a veterinarian. After John’s death, daughter Anna Dement Dement Jordan (1872-1950) and her husband Benjamin Franklin Jordan (1872-1954) lived at the Dement House. They wed in 1908. (Benjamin’s first wife was Hessie B. Youree Jordan - 1875-1901, wed in 1899.)

At their deaths, their daughter Helen Carmine Jordon Peyton and her husband Harvey inherited the property. The Peytons lived there for a couple generations. Over the years, the acreage was reduced from 640 to 123, and until 1981, the farm was an operating farm raising grain, corn, soybeans and milo. In 1985, most of the farm land was sold with 4.56 acres remaining with the Dement House. In 1986, Harvey and Helen Carmine Jordan Peyton still owned the property. The house is named for the family that has continuously owned it. NRHP. 1986


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