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Dick House

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

The 2 story Italianate mansion was built in the late 1800s. The address is now 1635 Golf Club Lane (was Port Royal Pike). The probable builders were William S. Dick (1802-1851) and Ann Colquhoun Gillespie"AC" Dick (1805-1891). They wed in 1827. The widow Ann remained at the house 40 years until her passing. Three years later, in 1894, brothers George S. Dick (1836-1925) and W. Stewart. Dick, sold the estate of their parents at public auction. George owned a brick yard.

Herbert Nordel (H. N.) Leech (1858-1939) and Margaret Frances Harper Leech (1862-1936) purchased the 142 acres. They wed in 1885. Leech was a prominent Clarksville attorney who partnered with Michael Savage in 1883 in practice. Leech with other partners also established the Dover Furnace Company.

In 1902, Leech sold the property to Edwin Perry Turnley (1862-1918). Turnley was married in 1884 to Willie Lee Golladay Turnley (1865-1945). Turnley was a tobacconist and a partner in the firm of Bowling Brothers and Turnley. In 1887, Turnley was a partner in tobacco firm Adam, Gill and Company. The next year, in 1903, Turnley purchased more former Dick land from Robert D. Mosley. From 1891-1893, Turnley also served as postmaster at Preacher's Mill.

In 1911, Turnley sold the Dick House property to R. S. Brown. He is remembered with Robert S. Brown Dr.

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