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Enoch H. Jones House

Updated: Feb 1

Photo by rossograph

Originally built of logs in 1796, it was greatly renovated in 1850. Ezra Jones (1772-1839) and Margaret Hunt Jones (1773-1857) moved to the land at present day 6339 Halls Hill Pike in Murfreesboro in 1796 and built the log section of the home in that year.

Their son, Enoch Hunt Jones (1798-1885), married Eunice McLin (1803-1839) in 1825. Jones was married three times: Eunice; Rebecca F. Hunt (1803-1856); Caroline Ready Jones (1800-1873) 1840. The year 1839 was tragic for Enoch as both his father and wife died. Enoch inherited the plantation, and his mother continued residing there.

The plantation prospered, and Enoch became a prominent figure in local/ national politics. Earlier in life, he had served in a distinguished manner in General Andrew Jackson’s army. In the mid 1850s, he was very involved in Whig politics - Jackson’s Democratic opponent. Enoch also served as sheriff of Rutherford County for a long time. At the end of his life, he was back in good graces with Jackson and the Democrats.

One son, James Ezra Jones (1828-1857), became a founding member of the Board of Trustees of Union University in 1847 which operated 1848-1873. In 1850, he helped a group establish a school called Milton Seminary, then Milton Male and Female Seminary.

After Enoch passed away, his son, James E. Jones, moved west across town to the Overall community at some point. Jones married Cecelia S. Overall Jones (1831-1906) in 1849. Her family had founded the Overall community west of Murfreesboro. Their son was Dr. Enoch H. Jones (1852-1919). He studied medicine with his relative, Dr. G. W. Overall, in Murfreesboro. In 1895, Dr. Jones returned to the family homestead to set up his general practice. He was also a physician and surgeon for the Maryland Casualty Co.; examiner for Illinois, North Mutual, National, Mutual Reserve, and other life insurance companies. In 1885, Dr. Jones wed Frances "Fannie" Potter (1867-1925).

A descendant connecting the family may be E. H. Harvey and his wife,. Dr. Morel Enoch Harvey, a retired Vanderbilt professor. She was the final president of the illustrious and important Vanderbilt Aid Society (1894-1950). It was one of the first financial aid organizations to help worthy students at Vandy. At some point, James and Avaree Harvey owned the property. It passed to his son, William "Bill" Harvey 91941-2021). In 1995, Greg and Tammy Harvey owned the property now called Harvey House with 4.25 acres. It appears that Greg’s grandfather purchased the property at some point, and it has been kept in his family. NRHP 1995


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