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Frierson-Pillow Home

Updated: Jun 7

405 West 7th St.Columbia, TN

Circa 1876. 2-story Italianate and French Second Empire style

Lucius Frierson (1840-1924) and Sarah “Kate” Catharine Morgan Frierson (1846-1926) built this mansion. The home faced south to West Seventh St. and the side street was Dunnington St. The lot was given to him by his father-in-law John F. Morgan, a Columbia merchant. Lucius married Kate in 1870. The Morgan parents lived next door.

Lucius and Sarah held many big society events. Lucius’ father was Samuel Davies Frierson, a prominent attorney and chancellor of the court. His mother was Mary McCottery Mayes of South Carolina. Lucius was cashier at Columbia Banking Company, co-founder/ president of Columbia Ice Co., investor in Columbia Horse-Shoeing Co., investor in Electric Light Co., in the Bethell Hotel as well as other ventures and a lawyer. In the 1893, the Columbia bank went bankrupt and Frierson sold the home to Dr. Pillow.

Dr. Robert Pillow (1852-1938) was married to Sarah R. Parrott Pillow (1860-1939). Dr. Pillow was a physician and Pres of the Board of Medical Examiners. In the 1890s, he established Columbia's first infirmary across from his home. Then the home was inherited by their daughter, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Pillow Porter Watson Woodfolk. She lived in her family’s Porter Home at the corner of West 7th and High St. My in-laws, Ken and Marlene Rakow, live in the former Parade of Homes showhouse that was built there when the older house was torn down. Lizzie died 1965.

Next, Eugene Anderson (1865-1942) and Lelia Barr Anderson owned it. They married in 1893. He was a partner in Anderson Brothers and Foster, the premier Columbia department store for 50 years. He was also a director with Columbia Cotton Mill Co., the largest industrial business in Maury Co. at the turn of the 19th century. Afterward, the property continued to have several owners and uses: offices, family home, flower shop.

By 1978, West Seventh St. Church of Christ bought the property and rented it to the Columbia State Community College baseball team. By 1999, Jennie Jo Hardison had purchased and restored the Frierson-Pillow/ Hardison Place. In 2016, Jennie Joe was an officer of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Columbia. NR 1978 See Porter Home


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