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Landsberger-Gerhardt Home

The Landsberger-Gerhardt Home/ Fite Anderson House is located at 435 North Spring St. in Murfreesboro. The home was built circa 1855 and features a Greek Revival style.

Photo by rossograph

Moses Landsberger, a successful Murfreesboro merchant, had the home built. The Landsberger clan immigrated from the German state of Bavaria and Wurttemberg in the early and mid 1800s. Moses operated a store with his brother Samuel. He lived there with his family until his death in 1904. The home passed through several hands in 1904: Moses’ son, Samuel; Fannie Landsberger Rosenfeld and Henry Landsberger; then Mr. Maggie Howse Dejarnett (1879-1962); then Dr. Vernon King Earthman (1872-1944) and Virginia May Earthman (1877-1928).

The Earthman family resided at Landsberger-Gerhardt Home until 1907. Dr. Earthman owned and operated the Earthman Infirmary at 115 East College St. For many years, it was a primary place for medical help in Murfreesboro, and Dr. Earthman closed the infirmary and sold it by 1920. The Dixie Hotel was erected on the same site.

Next the home was purchased by William Thomas Gerhardt (1881-1961) and Mary Minter Gerhardt (1884-1964). Gerhardt served as Murfreesboro mayor from 1935-36. In 1921, Elmus Clyde (E.C.) Fite, Jr. (1914-1994) and Betty Cilla Jackson Fite (1917-1988). They wed in 1941. They bought the historic home. He was Murfreesboro City Manager.

In 1952, their daughter, Evelyn Fite Anderson (1912-1995), and her husband Donald McGuffee Anderson (1911-1968) inherited the Landsberger-Gerhardt Home, and she remained there as of 1993. NRHP 1993


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