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Mayes-Frierson House

Updated: Jun 6

305 West Sixth St. Columbia, TN

Circa 1834. Similar to the Athenaeum Rectory.

Photo by Juston House

Patrick Maguire, a very successful and wealthy businessman, gave this home to daughter Ellen Maguire Mayes (1817-1890) and son-in-law Roger Bradley Mayes (1808-1860) in 1834.

It is located on West Sixth St. (former Free Street). It has 5,842 square feet and was one level originally. In 1845, a second story was added.

The mansion was inherited by their daughter Martha Horn Frierson (?-1864) and her husband John Frierson IV who married in 1857. At some point after their marriage, the Frierson family moved into the mansion. A mother-in-law cottage was added in 1889 for Ellen Maguire, but she was only to use it for one year prior to her death.

Then Martha and John’s daughter Mary Gentry Frierson (1859-1895) inherited the home in 1890 after her grandmother Ellen’s death. Mary Gentry married John Witherspoon Frierson III. The Mayes-Frierson home was in the family until Eleanor Frierson died in 1972. Over the years, many clocks have been purchased and adorn the house - enough that locally, the mansion is known as the “clock house.”

Walter Lowe then purchased it and modernized. Next owners were Henry and Deborah “Debby” Looper Hartman. Debby’s family had deep ties in Columbia, and she had a long career in the pharmaceutical industry and was very active in various history adventures. In 1999, Kathie Hicks Fuston and Steve Fuston were owners.

The latest owners are David and Debra Hill. The couple is very involved with Columbia historic preservation with Hill Historic Properties. They have purchased and restored the old Columbia train depot (Hill Union Station now), the Mayes-Hatcher-Hill home, and Skipwith-Harlan -Hill home.It still sits on .74 acres. See Skipwith-Harlan, Mayes-Hatcher


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