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Meridian Hill

Joel Battle Fort (1805-1867) married Nancy Carr Metcalfe (1809-1860) in 1828 and by 1830 had built their large 2 story Greek Revival home on Merrit Springs Rd.. Fort was a wealthy landowner and planter and a part of the large Fort family in middle Tennessee. He was also a stockholder in the Edgefield and Kentucky Railroad.

After Fort died, their daughter, Susannah Carr Fort Ligon (1831-1871), inherited the property. The next year, in 1868, she sold her share to her brother Josiah William Fort (1833-1887) and his wife Elizabeth “Eliza” Penelope Dancy Fort (1834-1880). Josiah continued farming the land and was a local minister.

Next, their son Charles Henry Fort (1861-1938) got Meridian Hill. He was a farmer, member of the Robertson Co. court, Justice of the Peace, and president of the Planters Protective Tobacco Association. The home was sold to Charles Baker, Bill F. Cook and Joe Johnson. Cook was president/ CEO of NASCO and was a founding member of Clayton Associates. Johnson is an attorney in Springfield.


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