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Russell House

Photo by Nyttend

Built in 1935, the Russell House was built in Colonial Revival style and sits on 71 acres. Its address is 2520 Memorial Blvd. in Springfield. Julia Simmons Russell (1898-1971) and Charles Wilfred “Wilf” Russell (1891-1964) built the house. Julia’s parents were Col. Willam Henry (W.H.) and Frannie Simmons of Cheatham House. They were a prosperous tobacco family and large landowners.

In 1925, Julia married her second husband, Wilfred. [Julia’s first husband was Jefferson McCrea French who left her and their child.] Wilf was in the hardware business in Canada, but moved to Springfield after the marriage. Wilf got into the tobacco business as well. He eventually ran the Farmer’s Loose Leaf Floor which became Russell-French Tobacco Co. In 1933, Julia bought 71 acres from E.S. Moore and built a house.

In 2011, Greg and Stephanie Lee bought the property and it is used for events and weddings. In 2019, the new owners were Michael and Candyce Crawley who are lifelong Robertson Co. residents and are making repairs to the property. NRHP 2011 See Cheatham House/ Simmons House


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