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Neal-Tarpley Home/ Gateway Funeral Home & Cremation Center

Built at 335 Franklin St., this 2 story brick house was constructed after 1865 by Frank P. Gracey.

Before 1900, the home was owned by Lucy A. Castner Gracey (1821-1910), then deeded to her daughter Marion Castner Gracey (1850-1912), wife of Matthew Gracey (1847-1997) - brother of Frank Gracey. In 1901, Lucy wed Charles H. Drane.

Frank and Matthew came to Clarksville after the Civil War and opened Frank P. Gracey and Brother. After Lucy died, Dr. George E. Vaughn purchased the home by 1912. Dr. Vaughn was an ear, nose and throat physician (ENT) with an office at 408 Franklin St. in 1917.

In 1921, Dr. Vaughn sold the property to John B. Tarpley. Tarpley owned Tarpley Funeral Home and Florist. He had moved his business to a few different locations, and in 1922, moved his funeral operations to this home. It continued to operate until a new owner purchased the property in 1981.

At that time, Chris Mayberry purchased the property and renovated the structure into a larger funeral operation named Gateway Funeral Home & Cremation Center. It is part of a 3 branch operation in the mid-state. See Gracey-Tarpley House, Drane houses

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