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Polk Home: Columbia keeps Pres. Polk's Legacy Alive

Polk Home was built in 1816 at 301 West 7th St. in Columbia. Samuel (1772-1827) and Jane Knox Polk (1776-1852) had moved their family from North Carolina to Columbia, TN in 1806. The Polks were successful at farming and built a wonderful Federal style home to celebrate which included gardens behind the home.

James “Jimmy” Knox Polk lived there from 1819-1824 after graduating from University of North Carolina and then reading law in Nashville. Polk was named for his maternal grandfather. In 1824, Polk married Sarah Childress. Polk became involved in government and politics. His family continued to reside and own the property. After embarking on his civic journey, the Polk family resided in Washington during his congressional terms, the former Cheek mansion on West End Ave. which was the Tennessee Executive Residence during Polk’s gubernatorial term, and then the White House during his presidency. My Polk Place entry has the story of James and Sarah’s attempt at a retirement home.

Photo by Polk Association

The Polk Home is the only remaining historic residence of James Polk. It was purchased in 1929 by the State of Tennessee and is currently owned and operated by the State of Tennessee through the James K. Polk Memorial Association of Nashville and the James K. Polk Memorial Auxiliary of Columbia. It now called the President James K. Polk Home & Museum. NRHP 1966 See Polk Place

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