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Rock Jolly: Advertising with Farming on the Side

Rock Jolly is located off Hwy 52 on Rock House Rd. in Cross Plains.

It was built in 1830 by William Johnson. The home is a rare example of a 19th century stone house. In 1937, Hester Sinclair Buntin purchased the property with 1,000 acres.

By 1973, her nephew (Edwards) Sinclair Buntin (1915-1982) owned Rock Jolly. He was married to Virginia Moore Neely Buntin (1914-2003). He was a part-time farmer who managed 300 acres of the land growing hay, soybeans, burley tobacco, and grass for cattle. He was a farmer and started the Buntin Advertising Agency in Nashville in 1953. The Buntins lived for years in the top floor of the James Robertson Hotel, but by 1973, the Buntins had moved to the Belle Meade Apartments. He leased much of the remaining 700 acres to his son, Jeffrey Buntin, Sr. who grows dark tobacco and runs a dairy farm as a part-time farmer as well. Jeffrey and his wife Varina Frazer Buntin, did primarily reside at their Cross Plains homestead. Jeffrey opened Buntin Advertising in 1972 and has grown it into a dominant regional advertising/ marketing firm.

Part of the land included Red River Farm, Sally Pack Farm, and another family homestead Tanglewood owned by John Buntin. Jeffrey and Varina have a Nashville residence on Golf Club Lane. Family tradition has it that a frequent visitor in the 1940s enjoyed his stays so much that he called the place Rock Jolly. The home remains in the Buntin family today. NRHP 1973


Historic Clarksville 1784-2004, Clarksville, TN 2nd ed. 2004, Ch. Waters

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Jay Brothers
Mar 21

Justin, thanks for note. That was an image posted with several, I thought, credible sources, but upon review, realized Rock Jolly is a rock house. Will find an accurate image & replace it. Appreciate the comment. Jay


Mar 12

You may know this, but the home pictured is not Rock Jolly. I do not know where the house pictured is located, but it is not Rock Jolly off of Hwy 52.

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