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Samuel Mitchell House (Robertson Co.)

The Mitchell House was located near the Kentucky line in Guthrie near Hwy 41.

(Samuel) Findley Mitchell (1806-1896) moved to Robertson Co. In 1835, Findley inherited a portion of his family’s land near Elk Fork Creek in northernmost Robertson County including a house, still and 150 acres.

In 1841, he married Mary Elizabeth Linebaugh (1825-1907), a neighbor. They sold a portion of his land to his brother, Robert B. Mitchell and went west to Missouri for a time. In 1859, Findley and Mary returned to Robertson Co. and bought 93 acres from the Robert Shanklin estate which was well east of his family’s home. The Shanklin family were fellow church members with Robert Mitchell so Findley was moving close to his brother.

Photo from Joe Crouch-Rootsweb

That year, Findley and Mary built a 2 story Greek Revival brick mansion that was one of the few grand mansions in the area. Their daughter, Anne E. Mitchell, married Gen. Hugh A. Dixon that year, and he helped his father-in-law finish the home. The Mitchell family was a prosperous farm family. After Findley died, Mary resided there until her death in 1907. Heirs sold the farm to Hogan Bryan who soon sold it to Dr. (1857-1935) and Mrs. M. L. Bradley. The Bradleys lived there for at least a decade. From 1962 to 1979 Frazier Riggins owned the place. Frazier Riggins seemed to be an active legislator in the Tennessee House and later Senate in the 1930s and 1940s. Evidently, the Mitchell House burned down because of faulty wiring in 1988.


Homes & Happenings, E. Williams

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