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Springfield/ Smith House/ Washington House

General John Smith built “one of the biggest houses “ in Rutherford County between 1805-09 - a large 2 story brick dwelling.

Photo from Murfreesboro Post

Located at 3726 Manson Pike, Gen. Smith (1776-1825) and Virginia Carter Smith (1782-1856) established and named their plantation Springfield on 640 acres. The name came from a large spring located near the home. Gen. Smith increased the acreage to 1,500 acres by his death in 1825. Two brothers, Fontaine Posey Crockett and Overton Washington Crockett, met at Springfield in 1812 to join Gen. Andrew Jackson’s troops. Overton was attracted to Evalina Augusta Crockett Smith. After the War of 1812 and the Battle of New Orleans, Overton returned to court Evalina, and they wed in 1815. Later, Fontaine courted Evalina’s sister, Julia Granville Smith, and they wed five years later in 1820 -- two brothers marrying two sisters.

By 1857, Francis “Frank” Whiting Washington (1828-1908), a cousin of George Washington, inherited the property. He was married to Sara Katherine “Kittie” Crockett (1831-1901), a daughter of Fontaine and Julia and a granddaughter of Gen. Smith. Then, their son Dr. John Hall Washington (1857-1919) [sometimes middle name is Henry] and Mary Charlotte Howell Washington (1868-1942) inherited the property. Dr. Washington and Mary Charlotte wed in 1883 in Texas.

Dr. Washington was a prominent physician and citizen of the community. The property passed through the family: Overton and Evalina to son Williiam G. Crockett to son Charles Anthony Crockett to daughter Elizabeth Crockett Jarratt who wed Thomas J. Jarratt to Thomas’ brother Percy Hugh Jarratt.

In 1950, Percy H. Jarratt (1883-1959) and family purchased Springfield. At some point, it was purchased by the Jenning family.

In 2016, Springfield was being remodeled to be the hub for the Springfield Apartments by Bonavic Development and many surrounding trees were kept.

In 2018, the football field at Blackman High School was named Bart Smith Field by the Rutherford County School Board in honor of Bart Smith. Bart was the 7th generation landowner of the property held by the Washington family and held Springfield. The Smith family had contributed land to build Blackman High, Middle and Elementary Schools. The family name is recognized with Washington Cemetery St. and the nearby Washington & Smith Cemetery burial grounds.


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