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Washington Miller House/ Cedar Winds

Washington William Miller (1811-1892) and Susan Jane Hadley Miller (1813-1884) built the home in 1851 as a 4 over 4 home. His family owned the land, and after his father, John Miller, died in 1848, he inherited a 200-acre portion and built a new home. The home was built on the highest point of the property so Miller could see his farming operation.

The mansion is a 2 story Greek Revival frame. The current address is 1450 Frye Rd. They married in 1837. Washington had inherited 200 acres from his family (John and Catharine Miller) and then purchased 30 more acres and a cotton gin. Their daughter, Melville Isabella Miller Jameson (1841-1879), married Major Thomas Emmett (T.E.) Jameson (1835-1914) in 1873, and they lived at the home.

The next year, 1874, Washington gave up the property to his son-in-law T.E. Jameson because of the Miller’s debts with the condition that the Millers continue residing at the home. After Melville’s death, T.E. married her sister, Jemima Sanders Miller. The Miller House remained in the family until 1911.

Then Jameson sold the house and its 107 acres to J.O. Henley. In 1912, H. Harman purchased it. Six years later, in 1918, Dr. J.A. Edwards was the owner. In 1924, the owners were N.A. and T.O. Wisener.

By the late 1940s, Jerry Carothers Colley (1927-2018) and Linda Grimes Colley owned it. He was an attorney who practiced with among others: State Senator Ed Blank IV, Circuit Judge Robert L. Jones, and Beverly Douglas. The Colleys lived there for years, named the mansion Cedar Winds and had 56 acres around it. Jerry was chairman of the Maury County Democratic Party from 1975-1985. Then in 1958, Dr. Warren Rayburn and Pat Daily Rucker were owners. From 1912-1958, 56 acres of land were sold. In 2000, Drs. William and Susan Owens were owners with about 51 acres. The name comes from the cedar trees surrounding the home. NRHP 2012


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