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Whitehall Plantation

Albert Gallatin Henderson (1819-1875) built Whitehall in 1840.

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The mansion was located near what was J. S. Young Road (now Nissan Rd.) and Highway 41 - evidently very near Chicken Pike. Whitehall was a 2 story brick mansion and was built beside the rail line of the North Carolina and St. Louis Railroad as well as on the Nashville-Murfreesboro Turnpike. Albert married Eveline M. Love Henderson (1820-1847) in 1841. Eveline died six years later. Albert then married Eveline’s sister, Elizabeth “Betsy” M. Love Henderson (1831-1908) in 1847. He had 10 children with Betsy. Albert was a cotton planter.

His son, Albert G. Henderson, Jr. (1855-1920) inherited the home and plantation. He wed Martha Jane Holt (1857-1929) whose father, Berry D. Holt was a prominent farmer and planter in the community. He became a large cotton broker in Tennessee after the Civil War.

In 1886, Whitehall was sold to Capt. George Washington McDonald (1834-1904). George married Isabella Ward (1842-1917) of Smyrna. At their marriage, Isabella received 33 acres adjacent to Whitehall from her father, James Jordan Ward. At some point, a home called Mapleview was erected.

George’s son, George Jr.(1876-1954), later owned Mapleview. The McDonald heirs resided at Whitehall until 1963 when grandson William died. The family then sold portions of the land to subdivide. In 1965, vandals burned down the home. Whitehall was the name of his family’s ancestral home in England.


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