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William B. Jordan Farm

Photo by rossograph

The only remaining Italianate influenced Greek Revival home remaining in Eagleville, the William B. Jordan Farm is located at 2665 Taylor Lane near Murfreesboro.

It was built from 1847-1850 by William Jordan and Sarah Jordan after he purchased 375 acres. William died in 1867, and Sarah remained in the house until her death in 1901. She remarried to Mr. Hatcher in 1873. Because of a legal matter with William Jordan and Chesley Williams (Civil Order), the house became Chesley’s possession after Sarah’s death. He rented the house until his death.

The home was then sold to W.A. Burkehart in 1906. Then in 1915, T.L. Taylor and Betty Taylor got the property including 150 acres. The Taylor family kept the property until 1981 when the heirs of T.L. and Betty developed 117 acres and the house and sold to Don Perry and James L. Ross.

Again in 1987, the Jordan Farm was sold to J. Michael Floyd and Garland B. Presswood including 117 acres. They owned as of 1992. In 2016, 15 acres of the Jordan Farm was being used for recreational soccer facilities for children as the Jordan Farm Soccer Facility. NRHP 1992 See Civil Order


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